Finding our New Pastor

Faith On Hill has been blessed to have Pastor Bob and Sue Bletscher ministering at our church for the last 32 years. Upon Pastor Bob’s announcement to retire this coming summer, the church contacted our Superintendent to help find us another pastor.

The Process

Many at Faith On Hill may not be familiar with the process of finding a new pastor. After all, it’s been a long time since you have had to.  Faith on Hill is not an independent church, but belongs to a group of Churches in Oregon and Washington called the “Pacific Conference” as well as a larger collection of churches in the “Evangelical Church of North America.”

The selection of a new pastor is worded this way in our constitution (Our Discipline): “Any change in assignments (of pastors) shall be made by the Conference Superintendent with  the  concurrence  of  the  pastor and/or  the  Committee  on  Pastor-Parish  Relations  of  the local church involved (¶¶711.h.(5); 820.b.(5-8)).

In other words, the Superintendent assigns the pastor with the agreement of the local church which is represented by our own members on the Pastor-Parish Committee.

The Search

Our leadership at Faith On Hill has been working together with the Superintendent for many months to find the right pastor God has for our church.  The positon has been posted and shared regionally and nationally.  About 45 people applied.  We prayerfully and systematically went through them, including viewing their sermons online and following up on their resumes.

Church Visits

As a result of this process, we asked two families to visit us for a weekend at Faith On Hill.  During their time with us, we had informal gatherings with the Faith On Hill congregation as well as interviewed them again.  They also were able to get to know us a bit and familiarize themselves with our area.

A Decision

In agreement with our Pastor-Parish and Superintendent, a decision has been made to assign Adam Dolhanyk as our new pastor.  We are so excited about that!  The plan is for him and his family to begin July 1st of this year.  He will be working alongside Pastor Bob for one month before Bob fully retires July 31st.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Centers, the chairman of the Pastor-Parish or Randy Myers, our Superintendent.

Written by Superintendent Randy Myers
for the Faith On Hill Family

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